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Childrens Disco

What we do at the party?
There is a vast difference between what a 4 year old likes and a teenager. This is where a lot of the skill, in entertaining children, comes in. No two parties are the same, we assess the children up to see how they are reacting to the program of events, then adjust the format accordingly. This will be a combination of dancing, games, competitions and music to suit the age group. Unlike an adult disco we interact with the kids to get them having a great time and we do not play inappropriate music with explicit lyrics.

Do I need to book a specialist children's DJ?
There is a vast difference between entertaining adults and children, most DJs will gasp in horror at the mention of a kids party. There are very few who are capable, have the skill , patience, tolerance or even want to keep kids happy at a party for two hours or more. They would prefer to stand there, let the kids run riot, while playing totally inappropriate music. We are often told by parents we deserve a medal for putting up with kids at parties.

Will you play my child's favorite music?
Please email us a list of favorite music, We will then feature these during the party.

Do I need to provide anything?
Just the venue, food and children. if you would like games to be played please have a few small presents can then sit back, relax and enjoy the fun.

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